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“Attention!” TVN. Tosia and Krzyś are waiting for a family that will love them

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Tosia and Krzyś are less than 7 years old and they are waiting for a family who will love them. Their short lives were full of drama and traumatizing breakups. Despite this, children are extremely cheerful and ready to return love. The material of the magazine “Attention!” TVN.

Tosia and Krzyś will be seven years old in May. They’re twins. Children are very close to each other and that is why they are looking for a new mom and a new dad together. The babies cannot be separated. – Children were admitted to the facility when they were 4.5 years old. The beginning was hard, they cried a lot. They didn’t want to cuddle, they didn’t trust each other – says Katarzyna Krefft from the House of Janusz Korczak, a regional care and therapeutic facility in Gdańsk.

Tosia has cerebral palsy. Krzysio has a clumsy movement. – These are two little treasures. I think that if we look at them as twins, because through the prism of twin pregnancy, early delivery, low birth weight, then we are dealing with heroes at the moment. They have made great progress. They really wanted to live. One gets the impression that there is no word impossible for these children, adds Katarzyna Krefft.


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Fate has endowed the little ones with two traumas of parting. First, they were taken from their biological mother, who couldn’t handle them. – When the children were placed in foster care, they were extremely neglected. When we first saw them, they had crooked heads. It was a sign that most of the time they were lying in a cot – says Wioletta Jachim from the Poviat Family Support Center in Malbork.

Tosia and Krzyś first went to a foster family created by Anna and her husband. – In the beginning there was one big scream. We all carried them for two weeks in our arms to calm them down. The children slept with us, although there were cots. For almost half a year I stayed with them in hospitals – says Anna Kołodziejska.

Tosia and Krzyś are waiting for a family that will love them“Attention!” TVN

The children were not allowed to spend more than a few years in foster care. Although there were no objections to their care, the officials decided to place them in a specialized children’s home.

Searching for parents

After the last, less than three years in the orphanage, Krzyś and Tosia could forget about the separation. Now the most important thing is that they find a family they can love forever.

– They have each other. That is why we care about a family that will be able to take care of two children – says Ilona Puckowska-Pociask from the Dom im. Janusz Korczak. And he adds: – Krzysiu helps Tosia a lot, but Tosia is also protective of her brother. Krzysiu is starting to speak quite fluently, while Tosia is just starting. But she shows a lot, she is taught alternative speech. She also has a book through which she communicates what she would like to do.

Children are very independent, and their development will certainly accelerate significantly when they have a loving home.

– We give them heaven. But they really miss warm words from mom, dad’s broad arms, in which you can hide, because what is more beautiful? Family is the best therapy – says Katarzyna Krefft. And he adds: – We are looking for parents who will accept them as they are. They will fill everyday life with love and closeness, warmth. They will greet you with a kiss on the forehead in the morning, be there during the day and give you a good night kiss. At the facility, we tried to open the wings to these children, at the moment it takes a breath of love to make the twins fly.

A family that decides to adopt does not have to have any special skills, and the adoption procedure can be completed with Krzyś and Tosia under their care. The most important thing is the love that the future parents could surround their little ones.

Main photo source: “Attention!” TVN

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