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Auchan agreement with Pointpack on postal services. In the background, the ban on trading on Sundays

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Auchan Retail Polska is getting ready to introduce courier and postal services in its stores. The chain has signed an agreement with Pointpack on this matter. Earlier, Auchan announced that it was planning to open stores on Sundays subject to the trading ban. Carrefour Polska has also recently signed an agreement with Pointpack.

The Pointpack company announced in the Monday’s announcement that the contract concerns the operation of the Auchan retail chain in stores, on the basis of a postal agency, Pointpack post offices and the implementation of the Pointpack system in them based on the Auchan commercial infrastructure.

Pointpack offers IT solutions supporting sending and receiving parcels.

Introducing courier and postal services in their stores, the company Auchan Retail Polska has announced last week. At the same time, she indicated that “the Auchan chain always complies with the provisions of applicable law and follows the changing needs of modern consumers, for whom time and convenience are important when shopping and when using other services related to the organization of everyday life”. Therefore, as announced in the press release, the chain also plans to open stores on Sundays.


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Ban on trading on Sundays – shops open

It is not the only major retail chain that invokes the postal outlet exception when deciding whether to open stores on non-trading Sundays.

Opening of some shops from last Sunday Netto announced. Lidl opened some of its stores on Sundays which were banned due to the development of postal services from Sunday, September 5. The company also belongs to the same Schwarz Group, Kaufland.

Some branches also open Biedronka on Sundays subject to restrictions. At the beginning of July, we informed about the contract concluded by Jeronimo Martins Polska with Poczta Polska. It is a test extension of cooperation, consisting in the possibility of collecting parcels directly in Biedronka stores. Opening stores on non-trading Sundays considering the Aldi network.

We recently informed that Carrefour Polska signed a framework agreement on cooperation with Pointpack. “Launching courier services that give our customers the opportunity to send or collect parcels in Carrefour is another of the amenities that we want to offer them during their everyday shopping” – informed TVN24 Biznes Izabella Rokicka, communication director of Carrefour Polska. Does this mean that the stores belonging to the chain will also be open on non-trading Sundays? This is not known yet.

On Sundays subject to the trade ban, not only smaller and larger grocery stores, but also DIY stores open.

Ban on trading on Sundays – changes

Adopted in mid-September by the Sejm amendment to the regulations on Sunday restrictions however, it may soon block such activities completely. The act has already been submitted to the Senate.

If the act is introduced in its current form, on Sundays only those points of contact will be able to operate that prove that they actually deal mainly with postal services, not retail trade – revenues from postal services will have to account for over 50 percent of other revenues of a given branch.


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