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Auchan and Intermarche. An alliance of large retail chains in Poland

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Auchan and Intermarche purchasing alliance in Poland. Two large retail chains want to create a joint structure that will negotiate the supply of food and non-food products for the next 10 years. The companies applied for consent to this matter from the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection – it was announced on Monday in a joint statement.

Auchan Polska and Intermarche retail chains announced the establishment of partnership cooperation, the aim of which is to create a long-term purchasing alliance on the Polish market. As explained, the companies signed a letter of intent in which both chains agreed on their intention to establish joint purchasing structures for the next 10 years.

Applications to the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection

Intermarche and Auchan Polska announced in a press release that they submitted on May 24 this year. two applications to the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection for consent to consolidation. “The partners expect that their cooperation will translate into strengthening relationships with suppliers – by expanding their business prospects, as well as increasing the attractiveness of the prices of the offered products as a result of combining the purchasing power of both brands. The final beneficiaries of the alliance will be Polish consumers, who will gain access to a wide range of products. products at prices that allow them to manage their home budgets more efficiently,” noted the network's representatives.

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As stated in the announcement, Intermarche and Auchan Polska intend to become equal owners of newly established legal entities, which, as central purchasing units, will represent both chains in talks with contractors.

In the first of the submitted to UOKiK conclusions, the scope of cooperation assumes joint negotiations of the terms of purchase of food and non-food products of own, domestic and international brands with selected suppliers supplying these products directly to each chain.

The second application relates to goods or services that Auchan and Intermarche will purchase for the purposes of running their own businesses. “We would like to develop the purchasing alliance that we intend to conclude in the long term and we hope that it will have a positive impact on the food retail market in Poland. We are convinced that it will be the customers who will benefit from it. By combining the potential of both chains, we will create an opportunity for our suppliers to jointly and sustainable development,” said Maciej Ćwikliński, president of Intermarche in Poland, quoted in the release.

The president of Auchan Polska, Alexandre Saussard, also pointed out the benefits that the alliance of both chains will bring to customers. “We are undertaking this cooperation in the belief that it will allow us to take care of the purchasing power of the Polish consumer even more effectively, which, together with the availability of an exceptionally wide range of products, is a permanent part of our network's strategy. We also hope that it will bring new business development opportunities for our suppliers, with the prospect of further development of long-term partnerships,” he emphasized.

If the consent of the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection for consolidation is obtained, a binding agreement between the networks will be concluded. This may take place by the end of the third quarter of this year, of which representatives of both parties are to inform at an “appropriate time”.

Auchan and Intermarche

Auchan Polska is a large-format retail chain with French roots, present in Poland since 1996, managing on the Polish market a network of hypermarkets under the Auchan brand, supermarkets under the Auchan Supermarket brand, convenience stores under the Easy Auchan brand, and local stores under the Moje Auchan brand. , autonomous stores under the Auchan GO brand, as well as an e-commerce channel. The chain also has franchise stores in the supermarket and hypermarket format.

Intermarche is one of the largest franchise supermarket chains in Poland in terms of turnover. It has been operating on the Polish market since 1997. He is part of the Musketeers Group, which consists of independent entrepreneurs. Intermarche stores operate in contact and super formats and are located mainly in small and medium-sized towns. The chain also has 70 supermarket gas stations.

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