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Augustow. He doused his brother with a flammable substance and set him on fire. The police caught him after a chase

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The police detained a 27-year-old who, according to their findings, was to pour a flammable substance on his brother in one of the houses in Augustów (Podlaskie Voivodeship) and set him on fire. The man was caught after a chase. He was under the influence of drugs. The house caught fire as a result of arson. The police took the woman out of the smoke-filled room.

On Saturday (February 18), the police received information that in one of the houses on the outskirts of Augustów, a 27-year-old man poured a flammable substance on his brother and then set him on fire.

When officers arrived, they found the building on fire. There was a cry for help from inside.

The 27-year-old was arrested by the policeKPP Augustow

They climbed onto the roof of the car and broke down the window

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Police officers noticed a woman who could not get out of the smoky room. So they climbed onto the roof of a car parked close to the house, broke down the window, and got her out.

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“There was also an injured man at the property who managed to put out his burning clothes. (…) After handing over the victims to the rescuers, the uniforms started searching for the perpetrator” – we read in the police release.

They stopped him less than a mile from home

The 27-year-old fled the scene on foot. The cops followed him. They stopped him after a chase, less than a kilometer from the house where he lived and where the incident took place – says Senior Sergeant Kinga Muczyńska from the District Police Headquarters in Augustów.

He adds that a preliminary drug test showed the presence of drugs in the man’s system.

Blood was taken from the suspect for further testing and he was taken into police custody. He heard two charges. The first is the exposure of a person to the immediate danger of loss of life or serious damage to health. And the second – damage to someone else’s property – points out senior sergeant. Muczynska.

Main photo source: KPP Augustow

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