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Aurora borealis in Poland. A light spectacle over Poland through the eyes of 24 Reporters

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The aurora borealis once again lit up the sky over Poland. Although they were obscured by clouds in some places, in many regions there were excellent conditions for observing the phenomenon. A multi-colored light show even appeared in the south of the country.

On the night from Sunday to Monday, it appears in the night sky again northern lights. As Karol Wójcicki, popularizer of astronomy and author of the blog “With your head in the stars”, said on Sunday afternoon, there were excellent conditions for observing the aurora borealis – all over Poland.

The Northern Lights through the eyes of Reporters 24

At Kontakt 24 we received many beautiful photos and recordings of the aurora illuminating the sky. They were captured both in Pomerania and in the southern regions of the country – Lesser Poland and Podkarpacie. Reporters 24 were delighted with the colors of the aurora borealis – in some regions the sky was filled with shades of pink, purple and red.


Aurora borealis – what is it and how is it formed?

The aurora borealis is a light phenomenon that occurs mainly near the North and South Poles. The scientific name of the aurora borealis is aurora borealis within the North Pole and aurora australis near the South Pole.

This phenomenon occurs when energized gas particles sent by the Sun hit the Earth’s upper atmosphere at high speeds (up to 72 million kilometers per hour). The planet is protected from “attack” by its magnetic field. It redirects particles towards the north and south poles, and the particles interact with gases in our atmosphere.

Kontakt 24, tvnmeteo.pl, Head in the stars

Main photo source: Contact 24

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