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Auschwitz Museum. Damaged ceiling in the central bathhouse

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In one of the rooms of the so-called sauna in the former Auschwitz II-Birkenau camp, i.e. the central bathhouse where prisoners were registered, the ceiling was damaged. The building has been closed and visitors will be able to enter it once inspection and security work is completed.

The ceiling was damaged Sunday evening when the building was closed to visitors. As the spokesman for the Auschwitz Museum, Bartosz Bartyzel, reassured, it is “a non-historical fragment of the finishing layers of the secondary ceiling from the 1990s.”

– The building has been closed and secured. It will be made available to visitors again after inspection and completion of the necessary work, the spokesman said.

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Reselection in the bathhouse

The Germans launched a central bathhouse called the sauna at the end of 1943. It is the largest building built in the area of ​​Birkenau during the existence of the camp. Thousands of people of various nationalities, mostly Jews, were admitted and registered as prisoners in this building. In it, people became numbers. It happened that among the Jews who, immediately after their arrival and selection on the ramp, were found fit for work, the SS carried out re-selections there. At that time, they chose especially pregnant women who had escaped the attention of the SS in their clothes and were sent to the camp.

The building underwent maintenance and at the beginning of April 2001 it was opened to the public. It is also where the most important anniversary ceremonies take place, including the ceremonies of the anniversary of the camp’s liberation.

Main photo source: Georgios Tsichlis / Shutterstock.com

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