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Auschwitz. The 42-year-old did not help his brother who had a heart attack

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A resident of the Oświęcim commune was driving his drunk brother in a car. When he said that he was sick, he left him on the street. It turned out he had a heart attack. Thanks to the quick reaction of witnesses, he was taken to the hospital.

Witnesses noticed that an unconscious man was lying on the ground. They started CPR and called for help. The incident took place on Friday in Oświęcim (Małopolska). According to the reports of the casualty, a Toyota driver left at the side of the road and drove away.

– The rescuers of one of the private medical transport companies also joined in saving the man’s life. He was taken to hospital unconscious. It turned out that he had a heart attack and was put into pharmacological sleep – the spokesman for the police in Oświęcim, Asp. pc. Małgorzata Jurecka.


The charge of failing to help my brother

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The sick man did not have any documents with him. The police started looking for the driver who had abandoned him. – After a few hours, the uniforms determined that the vehicle they were looking for belonged to a 42-year-old resident of the Oświęcim commune. The officers found him at his place of residence. According to his account, in the morning he drove his drunk brother to Oświęcim. When he said that he was sick, he got him out of the car and drove away – said Jurecka.

The 42-year-old was detained. He heard the accusation of failing to help a person in a situation that posed a direct threat of loss of life or serious damage to health.

He voluntarily submits himself to punishment

– The suspect confessed to the alleged offense and wants to voluntarily submit to the punishment. The committed crime is punishable by up to three years in prison – said Małgorzata Jurecka.

The policewoman thanked the witnesses who, seeing the unconscious man, helped him and called an ambulance.

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