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Auschwitz. The pavement collapsed under the ambulance. The medics were going to the wounded child

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An ambulance going to a young patient got stuck on the pavement, which collapsed under the weight of the vehicle. The driver was instructed by the police. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured and the child was taken care of by another rescue team.

Małgorzata Jurecka, spokeswoman for the police in Oświęcim, informed us about the incident in the park in the Zasole district of Oświęcim on Saturday.

– Late Friday afternoon, a child playing in the park broke his arm. An ambulance has been called. When the ambulance was at the fountain, its structure could not withstand the weight, the plates broke and a sinkhole was formed in which the vehicle fell. Nothing happened to anyone. Another ambulance came for the boy – reported Jurecka.

The police officer said that the 51-year-old driver entered an area where only pedestrians were allowed. He was instructed by the officers.

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The local news portal Faktoswiecim.pl, referring to the director of the hospital in Oświęcim, Edward Piechulka, reported that the rescuers were not aware that the element of the pavement structure was not resistant to greater weight.

The oswiecim112.pl portal, in turn, reported that similar events had taken place in this place in the past.

Main photo source: oswiecim112.pl

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