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Australia. A white humpback whale was found on the beach. It was suspected that it was Migaloo, who had not been seen for two years

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On Friday evening, waves washed up the carcass of an albino humpback whale on an Australian beach in Mallacoota. Experts assure that this is not Migaloo – a celebrity whale who has eluded observations for over two years.

The white humpback whale Migaloo – the word for “white man” in Australian indigenous peoples – was first spotted in Byron Bay in 1991. Since then, Australians have been observing the activities of the marine mammal with curiosity. Two years ago, however, all traces of him were lost.

A white humpback whale on a beach in AustraliaReuters / Colin Dixon @ mallacoota2020

The celebrity goes on swimming

The video posted on social media shows the carcass of a large white whale lying on a sandy beach in Mallacoota. According to Colin Dixon, who managed to capture an unusual sight on Sunday, the body was most likely washed to the sand on Friday night.

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Initially, there were concerns that the carcass belongs to the famous Migaloo. According to the local media, there was no such possibility – the body of a young female was thrown on the beach, and Migaloo is an adult male.

A white humpback whale on a beach in AustraliaReuters / Colin Dixon @ mallacoota2020

Disappearances on the agenda

As Vanessa Pirotta of Macquarie University in Sydney explained, the prolonged absence of the famous humpback whale should not be a cause for concern – such long periods without observation are not uncommon.

Local officials urged Mallacooty residents to stay away from the carcass. The animal’s autopsy will be performed in the following days.

Main photo source: Reuters / Colin Dixon @ mallacoota2020

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