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Australia. Ban on using TikTok on devices

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The Australian government will ban the use of the Chinese TikTok app on its devices. This was announced by Australian Justice Minister Mark Dreyfus. He cited safety reasons as the reason.

“This decision was made at the request of the Australian intelligence services and will be implemented as soon as possible,” Dreyfus said. He added that exceptions to the ban would be granted “only in special cases, with appropriate security measures”.

TikTok banned in many other countries

Previously, similar decisions were made by a number of other Western countries, including USACanada Great Britain and New Zealand, also motivated by security considerations. As Reuters reminds, these decisions reflect growing concerns that the government China may use an application from a consortium company, ByteDance Ltd., to collect information about its users to promote its political agenda. Lee Hunter, head of TikTok’s Australian subsidiary, expressed disappointment that he had learned of the ban from the media “despite our repeated offers to talk to the government about our rules.” “We emphasize that there is no evidence to suggest that TikTok poses a threat to the safety of Australians in any way, and that it should not be treated any differently from other social media platforms,” ​​added Hunter.

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TikTok in Poland

At the beginning of March, he was the head of the parliamentary foreign affairs committee Radoslaw Fogiel (PiS) said that Poland is not working on limiting access to TikTok. – If we were to be affected by any restrictions in this regard, it would rather be at the EU level – he said.

Last week, the Digitization Council adopted a resolution on the use of TikTok on official devices in the state administration. It recommended banning the use of this application.

However, as he stated Janusz Cieszyński, Secretary of State at the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, the said resolution “does not change practically anything in the situation of TikTok in Poland.” He explained that the Council is only an advisory body. This means that its position is not binding on the institution in any way.

TikTok Statement

Piotr Żaczko, communication manager at TiKTok, told TVN24 Biznes that “the opinion is based on fundamentally wrong ideas about the ownership structure of our company and how we ensure data security.”

In the announcement, he noted that “China does not own TikTok or our parent company, both are registered outside of China. Both are not dependent on the Chinese government in any way, and we do not share any data with the local authorities.”

“As part of the Clover project, we are expanding our approach to data security in Europe by further tightening data access controls and working with a European third party to audit, monitor and provide independent verification of our activities. We remain ready to cooperate and willing to fully comply with formal requirements in order to clarify any doubts with the competent authorities” – added Piotr Żaczko.

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