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Australia. Emergency landing of the plane. The machine flew right over the houses

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During Sunday's flight over Sydney Cessna plane lost power. The pilot issued a threat message, informing about engine problems. The video posted on social media shows the plane flying dangerously towards Bankstown Airport in the southwestern part of the city. close to trees and buildings.

Australia: The plane lost power and flew over houses

– We were gliding, we lost power – pilot Jake Swanepoel reported to the American station Nine News. – We trimmed the trees and simply flew over the hangar – he said.

The machine managed to reach the airport, the plane skidded and stopped near the runway.

Swanepoel explained that did not decide to extend the landing gear, because the plane was flying so low that he was afraid it might hit the roof of one of the houses.

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Nothing happened to the pilot and passenger. “It was terrifying”

However, the services went to the landing site both the pilot and the passenger left the plane on their own. They both escaped the crash unscathed. – We didn't think we'd be able to land here, the woman said.

“It was scary because we thought about all the houses if we didn't get to the airport,” the passenger added.

The American station reported that Swanepoel was experienced pilotwhich has been flying for 29 years.

Source: Nine News, CNN

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