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Australia. Helicopter collision. Just before the crash, a passenger tapped the pilot on the shoulder, trying to warn him

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Two helicopters collided near the Gold Coast in western Australia on Monday. Four people died in the accident and three others were seriously injured. Two days after the crash, local TV station 7NEWS Sydney released footage of a passenger trying to warn the pilot of the impending danger.

According to information provided by the BBC, when two helicopters collided over the Gold Coast the blade of the main rotor of one of the machines pierced the glass of the other. The pilots were forced to make an emergency landing. “Four people have lost their lives as a result,” said Gary Worrell, acting Queensland Police Inspector. Three other people – including two children – are seriously injured.

Helicopter collision in AustraliaPAP/EPA/DAVE HUNT

Gold Coast Helicopter Collision. One of the passengers tried to warn the pilot

Moments just before the collision was recorded by one of the passengers of the helicopter. In the video recorded by him, a tourist sitting at the back of the plane is seen trying to get the pilot’s attention by patting him nervously on the shoulder. The pilot of the helicopter, Michael James, then turns his head towards him, and the passenger grips his seat tightly. Seconds later, there is a collision.

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The Australian Transport Safety Bureau said it had launched an investigation into the cause of the accident. “We now need to determine what happened in both cockpits during the collision,” Air Safety Commissioner Angus Mitchell told the BBC on Wednesday.

Both machines were carrying tourists visiting the Sea World amusement park. Representatives of the company managing the park expressed their condolences to the families of the victims. However, they emphasized that the transport was carried out by independent operators.

Helicopter collision in AustraliaPAP/EPA/DAVE HUNT

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Main photo source: PAP/EPA/DAVE HUNT

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