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Australia. Hundreds of kilos of cocaine in the ocean. Police are looking for three men fished out off the coast of Albany

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Australian police are looking for three men who were picked up by rescue services off the coast of the country two weeks ago. Today, investigators suspect that the men were involved in drug smuggling. Shortly after the incident, 365 kilograms of cocaine were found in the ocean in Western Australia. Authorities urged the suspects to turn themselves in to the police.

February 1 near Eclipse Island off the West coast Australia three men were found adrift in life jackets. According to the original version provided by the police, their boat capsized while they were fishing.

The local authorities pointed to the survivors as an example to follow. They issued a statement saying the incident “underlines the importance of wearing life jackets and carrying emergency flashlights.”

An overturned boat and packages of cocaine in the ocean

Soon, however, the state police discovered inconsistencies in the stories of the men who survived. She reported her suspicions to the federal police, who launched an investigation two weeks after the incident.

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Six days after the men were rescued, a package of cocaine wrapped in black plastic was found on a beach 54 kilometers from Albany, the capital of Western Australia. The next day, an overturned cruise ship was discovered with eight more similar packages on board. Each contained approximately 40 kilograms of cocaine.

Investigators have asked residents to help locate the suspects: Mate Stipinovich, 49, Karl Whitburn, 45, from Perth, and Artistides Avlontis, 36, who is believed to be in the north of Australia. According to the police, one of the wanted people is the owner of the found boat.

Acting federal police chief Graeme Marshall said the drug seizure was a “significant blow” to a “resource-heavy syndicate.”

Main photo source: AMSA

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