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Australia. Kangaroo trapped by the flood. Lifeguards on the pontoon helped

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Rescuers from the Australian state of New South Wales rescued a kangaroo from the flood. The animal swam in deep water, trying to escape from the predator chasing it. Fortunately, they were able to be hauled aboard the pontoon.

Eastern Australia has struggled with flooding in recent days. It was a threat not only to the inhabitants of several states of this country, but also to animals.

Kangaroo saved by rescuersENEX / twitter.com / slsnsw

The kangaroo could not overcome the currents

A video of an unusual rescue operation was published on Twitter by Surf Life Saving NSW. Two rescuers noticed a young kangaroo swimming in deep water. The animal looked nervous and confused, trying hard to stay afloat. He was followed by a fox that tried to hunt a marsupial.

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The men immediately swam to the kangaroo and hauled it aboard. Although the animal instinctively tried to break free, rescuers calmed it down and prevented it from jumping overboard.

Kangaroo saved by rescuersENEX / twitter.com / slsnsw

The rainstorm does not stop there

This year alone, heavy rains caused flooding in parts of Australia. Until now, thousands of Australians have had to be evacuated and many roads have been cut off by deep water.

Canoe rescuers have already saved hundreds of wild and domestic animals. As Josh Robinson from Crisis Animal Response and Evacuation tells us, people had to get out of their homes so quickly that they simply didn’t have time to pick up their pets, so the services are at the station every day to help them.

Main photo source: ENEX / twitter.com / slsnsw

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