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Australia, New South Wales. Spider from the family Atracidae of exceptionally large size

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The span of its legs is as much as eight centimeters. Never before has such a large Atracidae spider made its way to the Australian Reptile Park Zoo in New South Wales. The authorities of the facility are asking for the disclosure of the anonymous person who provided it. They want to find out where the specimen comes from, because the venomous venom of these spiders is used to transform it into an antidote for bitten people.

The Australian Reptile Park Zoo in New South Wales has continued to encourage residents to pass on caught spiders belonging to the family Atracidae for a program that aims to transform the poisonous venom of these spiders into a bite agent. According to the zoo authorities, the drug saves the lives of 300 people a year, and 25,000 people have survived since its inception in the 1950s. The facility is the only one in Australia that implements it.

Last week, one of these spiders was donated to the zoo, however, by an anonymous person. It was delivered in a plastic container with no labels to indicate where it came from.

“I have not seen such a big one”

Australian Reptile Park officials say it is the largest spider in the family Atracidaethat ever came to them. Its legs have a span of eight centimeters, while the average span is between one and five centimeters. Called “mega-spider”, it has two cm long fangs that can bite human fingernails.

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In the photo below, on the right you can see a spider of extraordinary size, while on the left is a spider of a standard size.

A spider in a zoo in New South WalesThe Australian Reptile Park

– It’s unusually big. In over 30 years of my work, I have not seen such a big one, said Michael Tate of the zoo. “If we can encourage the donation of more spiders like this one, it will save more lives,” he stressed.

As he added, that is why the garden authorities are anxious to find out where the exceptionally large specimen donated last week comes from. They ask the person who provided it to disclose themselves.

A spider in a zoo in New South WalesThe Australian Reptile Park

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Main photo source: The Australian Reptile Park

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