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Australia. Russia will not build a new embassy in Canberra, next to the parliament

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The Australian parliament has not approved the construction of a new Russian embassy near its building. Home Secretary Clare O’Neil said her country would “not apologize” for taking measures to keep Australians safe. The Kremlin described the decision as “hostile” and “Russophobic”.

Parliament Australia adopted a resolution on Thursday Russia will not be able to build a new embassy near his building. The regulations were adopted in just an hour, the Australian service ABC News reported.

Under the act, Russia’s lease on a plot of land located in the country’s capital, Canberra, on which Moscow has already started construction, will be terminated. The Australian government proposed this step for security reasons and on the advice of national services. Russia now occupies another building in Canberra, which used to be the USSR embassy and is located a little further from the parliament.

Australian Parliament HouseReuters Archive

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Home Secretary Clare O’Neil said in an address to Parliament that “the extent of espionage and outside interference from this site would pose a serious risk to the country.” She also said her country would “not apologize” for taking measures to keep Australians safe.

Opposition leader Peter Dutton agreed with Minister O’Neil, saying that Australians “will not tolerate people trying to influence the electoral process in our country”.

Moscow accuses Australia of ‘hostility’ and ‘Russophobia’

The Kremlin on Thursday described Australia’s actions as “hostile” and “Russophobic”. Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said he did not believe “Russia is in a good position to discuss international law given its continued and shameless rejection of it by invading Ukraine“.

Australia is one of the largest donors of aid to Ukraine, which is fighting Russia, among countries that do not belong to it FOR THIS. Since the start of the war in 2022, Australia has sanctioned more than 1,000 Russian companies and individuals.

Main photo source: Reuters Archive

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