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Australia. Survivors rescued after six days without food or drink. Their boat was wrecked during Cyclone Ilsa

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Eleven Indonesian fishermen have been rescued from a small island more than 300 kilometers off Australia’s north-west coast after spending six days without food or water, Australian public broadcaster ABC reported on Tuesday. Their boat crashed during the passage of tropical cyclone Ilsa. The fate of the nine fishermen remains unknown.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority said a group of fishermen were rescued on Monday from Rowley Shoals, 313 kilometers west of Broome, Western Australia. The survivors were spotted from a surveillance plane.

Rescued fishermen say two boats with a crew of 10 were hit by high waves and one “sunk in extreme cyclone conditions”. The fate of the nine crew members of this boat remains unknown. The sole survivor was said to have floated for 30 hours holding on to a canister before being rescued by other fishermen, Australian broadcaster ABC describes.

The survivors, who spent six days on the island, were transported to a hospital in Broome. As reported, their condition was good and they have already been discharged.

Fishermen stranded after Cyclone IlsaAustralian Maritime Safety Authority

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Over 230 km/h

Tropical cyclone Ilsa hit the northwest coast of Australia on Thursday. At the time of disembarkation, he was in the fifth, highest category. Peak wind gusts of 289 kilometers per hour were recorded, in the Rowley Shoals area it was blowing at 235 kilometers per hour. A ten-minute wind speed record was also broken. On Bedout Island, the wind was blowing at 218 km/h. Until now, it belonged to the value of 194 km / h, which was measured in 2007 during Cyclone George.

The last category five cyclone to hit Australia was Marcia in 2015. The element then attacked urbanized and densely populated areas of the state of Queensland, causing losses reaching hundreds of millions of dollars.

Fishermen stranded after Cyclone IlsaAustralian Maritime Safety Authority

Cyclone Ilsa in a satellite imageearthdata.nasa.gov

Main photo source: Australian Maritime Safety Authority

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