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Australia. The crocodile caught the drone in the mouth [NAGRANIE]

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He was recording floating crocodiles with a drone, when suddenly the device was in the mouth of one of them. The memory card has survived, so we can see the moment of the attack.

The operator Dane Hirst from Australian TV ABC was recording material in Crocodile Park with a drone for the documentary on the 50th anniversary of the ban on crocodile hunting in Australia’s Northern Territory. Crocodylus Park is a zoo located in Berrimah. It is a reserve of marine and freshwater crocodiles, and also includes a “crocodile museum”.

Hirst was filming floating crocodiles. A low-flying drone caught the attention of one of them. The reptile looked closely at the machine. At one point, he jumped out of the water, snapped his jaws and clenched his jaws on the drone.

“I heard the sound of jaw clenching”

– When I was flying the drone, the crocodiles were very skittish. However, there was the one who followed his every move. Suddenly I saw the animal standing upright in the water and heard the sound of clenching jaws, said Hirst. The drone was found two weeks later on the shore of a lake. Although the device was destroyed, we managed to save the memory card, thanks to which we can see the shot of the attack.

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Main photo source: Reuters

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