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Australia. The largest city is Melbourne. Sydney lost the title

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Sydney is no longer Australia’s largest city in terms of population for the first time in over a century, according to local media. This title was lost to Melbourne. The change results not only from the faster population growth, but also from the “technical” adjustment of the borders of this city.

Sydney for the first time in more than a century lost the title of the largest city in the country, local media reported on Monday, assessing cities in terms of population. Currently, among all Australian cities, the largest number of people live in Melbourne – a total of over 4.8 million people, 18.7 thousand more than in the previous year. more than in Sydney.

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Australia’s largest city

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The change of the leader in the list of the largest Australian cities is due to the “technical” change of borders, explains the “Sydney Morning Herald”. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has updated the data obtained in the last census of 2021 and the number of inhabitants of Melbourne has been extended to the inhabitants of the suburban town of Melton, located in the Greater Melbourne agglomeration.

Andrew Howe, a demographer for ABS, told the Sydney Morning Herald that the border change was necessary due to the rapid population growth on the city’s western fringes. Melton’s population has increased by 61%. between 2011 and 2021. “The 2021 census showed us that Melton and the rest of Greater Melbourne are now, statistically speaking, one connected area,” Howe said.

Melbourne’s largest city

Sydney has been considered Australia’s largest city by population since around 1902. Currently, however, the population is growing faster in Melbourne. Sydney, however, remains Australia’s largest city by area. It is over 12.3 thousand. square kilometers, while the area of ​​Melbourne – after the changes – is about 10 thousand. square kilometers.

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