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Australia. The mother saved the baby from the dingo. The Prime Minister of Western Australia congratulated her

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Western Australian Prime Minister Mark McGowan congratulated the mother of a two-year-old for her bravery in fending off a dingo attack when the animal attacked a child in Karijini National Park. The boy suffered serious injuries, but his life is not in danger, Australian media reported.

A two-year-old boy was attacked by an Australian dingo on Friday evening local time at a campsite in Karijini National Park in northwestern Western Australia. The child suffered serious injuries, but they are not life-threatening. He has already been discharged from the hospital.

I don’t know what would have happened without my mother. The woman defended her son by pushing and chasing the animal away.

Australian dingo in Karijini National ParkShutterstock

Dingo – dogs that have gone feral again

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Western Australian Prime Minister Mark McGowan described the incident as “very rare” and publicly congratulated the woman for her courage. – The mother bravely repulsed the dingo attack, so she deserves our congratulations. He’s a very brave person,” McGowan said.

Mark McGowan, Prime Minister of Western Australiawa.gov.au

Dingoes are half dogs, half wolves, the last representatives of the Asian ancestor of modern dogs. They live in Australia and New Guinea. They were domesticated companions of humans, but they became feral again.

They are looking for an animal

The animal that attacked the boy is being sought. The local Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions said on Sunday that patrols failed to track down the dingo over the weekend, which means it is still on the loose. It added that the safety of everyone who visits the campsite is “number one priority” and calls for caution have been issued.

“Dingo attacks in Western Australia’s national parks are rare and the department has not been made aware of a similar incident in the area,” a spokesman said.

The authorities of the campsite reported that signs have been placed informing about the possibility of the appearance of the animal.

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