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Australia. The mysterious object caught the attention of the inhabitants. Experts explain where it came from

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A streak of light appeared over southeastern Australia on Monday night. Curious residents thought they saw a meteor in the sky. The Australian Space Agency announced the probable origin of the object. It wasn’t a trace of a space rock passing by.

Numerous reports of a streak of light in the sky on Monday night came from the state of Victoria in southeastern Australia and the nearby island of Tasmania.

The sight was unusual because it looked like a meteor. One witness recorded a falling object seen between Melbourne’s skyscrapers.

Remnants of a rocket that re-entered the atmosphere

The Australian Space Agency commented on the object. As reported in the release, “the visible streaks of light were probably the remains of a Russian Soyuz 2 rocket that re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere.”

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The rocket was launched earlier in the evening from the spaceport in Plesetsk, several hundred kilometers north of Moscow, it added. The agency said Russian authorities had notified the launch and debris from the rocket would reenter the atmosphere and head towards the ocean off the south-eastern coast of Tasmania.

The agency will continue to monitor the effects of re-entry of the rocket fragments into Australia’s atmosphere.

A luminous object over MelbourneReuters/Afsal Rahim

Main photo source: Reuters/Afsal Rahim

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