Austria. A man crushed by a tree in Austria has died. The wind was blowing at a speed of almost 200 km/h


On Friday in Tyrol, Austria, winds reached speeds of up to 200 kilometers per hour. A man crushed by a tree died in the Patscherkofel area, APA reported

Seeing a tree fallen on the road, the man got out of the car. At that moment, the wind knocked down two more trees, one of which crushed the man. The 86-year-old died on the spot, the police confirmed.

At its peak, winds in the Patscherkofel area reached speeds of 197 kilometers per hour.

Power outages

The Austrian weather service issued a red warning level, its highest level, for many parts of Tyrol on Friday. Gusty winds broke many trees, ripped off roofs and caused power outages in several towns.

Just until noon, the fire brigade was called to nearly 100 interventions, most of which took place in the vicinity of Innsbruck. Firefighters primarily removed trees fallen by the storm and blocking roads and railway tracks. Apart from Tyrol, there was also strong wind in Salzburg (winds locally reached up to 171 km/h) and in Lower Austria (150 km/h). Firefighters also intervened in Carinthia and Vorarlberg – nearly 15,000 people there. households in Dornbirn were temporarily without electricity. Trees felled by the storm also resulted in the closure of the Grossglockner (B107), Katschberg Strasse (B99) and Wurzenpass Strasse (B109) tourist roads leading to the border with Slovenia. Difficulties may last until Saturday evening. On Friday, it was windy all day long. As the meteorological services emphasized, these were some of the strongest wind gusts over Austria in recent years.

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