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Austria. Hallstatt residents protest against crowds of tourists

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The inhabitants of Hallstatt in the Salzburg Alps protest against the influx of tourists. Although only 700 people live in the Austrian town, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is visited by up to 10,000 tourists a day during the season.

Residents demand a reduction in the number of visitors and a ban on the entry of tour buses after 10:00 a.m. 5 p.m., the BBC reported.

Tourism brings significant income to the town

The tiny town, surrounded by rocky slopes, is located on the Hallstattersee lake. The landscape attracts crowds of tourists to the city, especially since Hallstatt was featured in a South Korean romantic film and in China a replica of it was built, with picturesque houses and a slender church tower. Tourism brings significant income to the town, but the number of visitors is too burdensome for the residents. Many tourists come in search of the perfect selfie against the backdrop of the lake, the slender light gray church tower and the stunning mountain scenery. In May, residents protested against the excess of visitors by erecting a wooden wall that blocked the view of the Alpine landscape and made it impossible to take pictures.

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They protested against noise and traffic in this way, but after reactions on social media they removed the obstacle, the BBC reminds. However, the mayor announced that he would reduce the number of arriving tourist buses by a third. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, approximately one million people visited Hallstatt annually.

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