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Austria. Hitler’s speech over the loudspeakers of the train to Vienna. Two people were arrested

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Passengers were “totally shocked” when on Sunday, instead of traditional announcements, they heard excerpts from Adolf Hitler’s speech on the Austrian Bregenz-Vienna train. Similar situations have happened twice in the last few days. Despite attempts to intervene, the train staff was unable to stop the recordings. Two people were arrested in connection with the incidents.

As reported by the portal of the newspaper “The Guardian”, on Sunday, May 14, passengers on the train from Bregenz to Vienna, shortly before arriving at Sankt Pölten station, were surprised by an extremely loud announcement. First, for a moment, they heard a voiceover giving incorrect information. After that, excerpts of Adolf Hitler’s speeches were played over the intercom for twenty minutes, as well as recordings of crowds chanting “Sieg Heil” and “Heil Hitler”.

One of the train passengers, an Austrian envoy the Green Party David Stoegmueller told the BBC that the train crew was clearly upset by the recording itself and the fact that they were unable to stop it. The national railway company ÖBB confirmed that its employees tried to disable the intercom. The company emphasizes that it “clearly distances itself from the content” that could be heard on the Bregenz-Vienna train on Sunday.

The perpetrators were probably on the train

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The ÖBB rules out a potential cyber attack. “At the moment, we can assume that the announcements were made via intercoms by people directly on the train,” a company spokesman said. The findings so far show that the perpetrators most likely entered the room with the intercom using the keys, and then placed a mobile phone near the device, with which they played the materials. The matter was reported by the ÖBB to the police. IN Austria spreading Nazi propaganda is a crime.

Instead of announcements on the Bregenz-Vienna train, fragments of Adolf Hitler’s speech were reproduced. NGCHIYUI/Shutterstock

Two people were arrested

Two people were arrested in connection with the incident, based on secured surveillance footage. It is suspected that they are also responsible for two similar incidents that occurred in recent days on trains traveling from Sankt Pölten to Vienna. Then, also over the intercom, pre-recorded content was given. However, it is not certain whether they also had a Nazi character.

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Main photo source: NGCHIYUI/Shutterstock

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