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Austria. Human remains on a melting glacier. They probably belong to a skier who disappeared 22 years ago

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Remains and documents believed to belong to an Austrian skier who disappeared 22 years ago have been found on a melting glacier near the Grossvenediger Alpine peak, police said. The identity is to be finally confirmed by DNA analysis.

The human remains were found on Friday by a mountain guide on the Schlatenkees glacier below Ostvenediger, at an altitude of about 2,900 meters above sea level, Austrian police said.

On Tuesday, a backpack was found near the body, containing cash, a bank card and a driver’s license, which were believed to have belonged to the deceased.

It’s probably about an Austrian missing 22 years ago

The final confirmation of identity is to be made possible by DNA tests, the results of which will be known in a few weeks.

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Based on the findings so far, investigators assume that the body of an Austrian who disappeared in 2001 has been found. The then 37-year-old man went skiing on a glacier near Matrei.

Melting glaciers reveal the bodies of missing people

At the end of June, other human remains were found on the Schlatenkees glacier, which, according to police findings, may have been there for several decades. Their identities are still unclear, DNA testing is ongoing.

According to the Austrian news agency APA, the bodies of people missing several decades ago have been repeatedly found in the Alps recently. This is due to the melting of glaciers as a result of climate change.

According to data from the Austrian Alpine Club, only in 2021-2022 the glacier at the top of the Schlatenkees retreated by 89.5 meters.

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