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Austria. Josef Fritzl may apply for release from prison next year. A lawyer about his chances

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Josef Fritzl, also known as the “Monster of Amstetten”, imprisoned his daughter and their children in the basement of the house for 24 years. The criminal is serving a life sentence for murder by omission, rape, incest, pedophilia and long-term imprisonment of his own children. In Austria, life sentence convicts can apply for early release after only 15 years in prison. The lawyer of the 88-year-old Fritzl talks about what the chances are.

Josef Fritzl has been in prison in Garsten, Austria, since 2009. The lawyer of the 88-year-old criminal, Astrid Wagner, admitted in an interview with the German daily Bild that there was a chance that Fritzl would die in freedom according to his will. – The average life sentence is Austria around 20 years,” she said, adding that life-sentenced prisoners could apply for early release after only 15 years behind bars. “The statistics are against him, but he wants to grow old in the wild,” added the lawyer.

Fritzl ‘can’t understand why his wife broke off contact with him’

The main thread of the interview was the new, fifth book by Fritzl “Die Abgründe des Josef F.” (The Abyss of Josef F.), which is published on Friday. Astrid Wagner is its co-author. In an interview with Bild, she admitted that Fritzl had asked her for help in publishing her memoirs and for legal support in a letter sent from prison. – I agreed. Then he sent me the manuscript, and I edited it. I’ve been his lawyer ever since,” Wagner told the Guardian on Thursday.

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Josef Fritzl in court, 2009 APA/Getty Images

As she pointed out, Fritzl “did not see the dimension of his crime”, as did “many criminals who have to try to deal with their guilt”. According to the lawyer, the now 88-year-old man’s book is his “way of explaining why he has gone so far wrong”. In his memoirs, the prisoner writes: about how he couldn’t understand why his wife Rosemarie broke up with him. The criminal divorced her in 2012, because – as reported by the media at the time – she did not visit him in prison at all.

Sam Fritzl gave an interview to The Sun this week, in which he said he hoped to be able to meet his family. “I definitely believe that one day I will see them again,” he said, adding that he “understands people who want him to die in prison.” “But I want to experience freedom someday,” he added.

He imprisoned his daughter in the basement for 24 years

Josef Fritzl, also known as the “Monster of Amstetten”, imprisoned his daughter Elisabeth in the basement of the house where he and his wife lived for 24 years. He had seven children with his daughter. Three children lived with Fritzl and his wife, and three with their mother in the basement. The seventh child, a twin of one of Fritzl and Elizabeth’s sons, died shortly after birth. His body was burned by his father.

In 2008, the newspaper Oesterreich revealed that Josef Fritzl imprisoned not only his daughter Elisabeth and their children, but also his own mother. He walled the woman up in a room and kept her there until her death in 1980. He admitted this in an interview with a prison psychologist. “I locked her up at the top of the house. After some time, I bricked up all the windows so that she would never see the light of day again. He told neighbors and friends that his mother had died.

Psychiatrist’s report, prepared for the trial, was 130 pages long and contained the terrifying confessions of the “monster of Amstetten”. Fritzl says in it, among other things: – I was born to rape, and I held back for so long.

He also talked about his childhood experiences of being humiliated by his mother. “Childhood made him emotionally handicapped and created in him the need to “have another human being,” the doctor who examined Fritzl wrote in the report.

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