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Austria. Josef Fritzl may be released

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Josef Fritzl, also known as the “Monster from Amstetten”, has a chance of being released from prison on parole, experts say. A psychiatric report shows that the 88-year-old, who is serving a life sentence, no longer poses a threat to society. His lawyer announces that he will submit an appropriate application.

A report prepared by psychiatrists shows that Josef Fritzl, who suffers from dementia, no longer poses a threat to society, the Austrian public radio and television broadcaster ORF reported on Monday. This means that 88-year-old Fritzl, who is serving a life sentence, may be transferred from a maximum security prison for the mentally ill to a regular prison – which will be decided by the court. According to experts, after being transferred, Fritzl will be able to apply for parole and then go to a nursing home. Under Austrian law, people sentenced to life imprisonment can apply for parole after 15 years in prison. Fritzl has been behind bars since 2009. The convict’s lawyer, Astrid Wagner, has already announced that she will submit an appropriate application.

Josef Fritzl in court, 2009 APA/Getty Images

Alois Birklbauer, professor of criminal law at the Johannes Kepler University of Linz, told ORF that it was “pretty obvious” that Fritzl’s release would be announced. However, it is currently unknown when a decision on this matter may be made.

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The “Amstetten Monster” imprisoned and raped his daughter in the basement

Josef Fritzl, also known as the “Monster of Amstetten”, imprisoned his daughter Elisabeth in the basement of the house where he lived with his wife for 24 years. He had seven children with his imprisoned daughter. Three of them lived with Fritzl and his wife, and three with their mother in the basement. The seventh child, who was a twin to one of Fritzl and Elizabeth’s sons, died shortly after birth. His body was burned by his father.

In 2008, the newspaper “Oesterreich” revealed that Josef Fritzl imprisoned not only his daughter Elisabeth and their children, but also his own mother. He walled the woman up in a room and kept her there until her death in 1980. He admitted this in a conversation with a prison psychologist. – I locked it at the very top of the house. After some time, I bricked up all the windows so that she could never see the light of day again, he said. He told his neighbors and friends that his mother had died.

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A psychiatrist’s report prepared for the Fritzl trial it was 130 pages long and contained terrifying confessions of the “Amstetten Monster”. In it, Fritzl says, among other things: – I was born to rape, and I held back for a long time. He also talked about his childhood experiences of being humiliated by his mother. – Childhood made him emotionally disabled and created in him the need to “have another person” – wrote the doctor who examined Fritzl in a report.

Josef Fritzl, “The Monster of Amstetten”PAP/DPA

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