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Austria. The bans for the unvaccinated against COVID-19 have resulted in an increase in immunization records

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Vaccinations against COVID-19 have increased significantly in Austria. This is due to the large increase in the number of infections, as well as the new rules in force since Monday, according to which unvaccinated people will not enter, for example, a restaurant or a hairdressing salon. Almost 32,000 vaccinations were performed on Saturday alone, a third of which were the first doses, the largest Austrian newspaper “Kronen Zeitung” informed on Sunday.

In total, in Austria, which has almost 9 million people, 213,000 vaccinations were performed from Monday to Saturday.

Most of those performed on Saturday were booster doses (over 17,000), and another 4,300. the second doses (including booster doses for people vaccinated with a single-dose preparation from Johnson & Johnson), according to data from the Ministry of Health in Vienna.

On Saturday, also 10.5 thousand. Austrians decided to get the first vaccination, including 2.2 thousand. Viennese, 2.1 thousand Carinthian inhabitants, 1.6 thous. people from Lower Austria and 1.5 thousand. from Tirol.


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The number of registrations for vaccinations “exploded”

“According to state services, the increase in the number of first vaccinations has already been noticeable in the last few weeks. The reason was the tightening of regulations in the workplace, as well as the soon-to-apply 2G rule (i.e. restricting access to various places to people vaccinated and treated with COVID-19) – ed.) “- comments” Kronen Zeitung “.

Upper Austria, the federal state with the lowest vaccination coverage to date, has seen a rapid increase in vaccination enrollments. After a temporary drop – just over a thousand a day at the end of October – at the end of this week, “their number exploded” and nearly eight thousand people registered for vaccinations on Friday.

Of the population of around 8.9 million in Austria, 65% have so far been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. people. The counties of Oberpullendorf in Burgenland and Mistelbach in Lower Austria have the highest vaccination rates – over 74 percent. The worst situation in this respect is in the counties of Braunau am Inn in Upper Austria (53%) and Spittal an der Drau in Carinthia (56%).

The new rules took effect

Due to the increase in the number of infections, the Austrian authorities announced on Friday that from Monday people unvaccinated against COVID-19 will not be allowed to enter cafes, restaurants or hairdressing salons, and will not be able to participate in events with more than 25 people or use hotels. There will be a four-week transition period during which taking the first dose of the vaccine and performing a PCR test will allow entry to places that are inaccessible to the unvaccinated.

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