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“Authentic”. New program on TVN – what is it about? When to watch?

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The long-announced “Autentyczni” program is starting. The participants, people on the autism spectrum, will interview famous people. At the beginning, these will be Robert Makłowicz and Natalia Kukulska. The first two episodes will be shown on Wednesday and Thursday, November 1 and 2, at 20/05 On TVN and in Player. On Wednesday, after the program, TVN will remind “The Intouchables” – the creators of this French film came up with “The Authentic”.

This is the first program on Polish television whose participants are people on the autism spectrum. IN “Authentic” they play the role of journalists and interview famous people from the world of culture. Beforehand, they prepare for recording under the supervision of professionals.

People with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) think and process information differently than neurotypical people. They use specifics and do not detect sarcasm, jokes or metaphors in the conversation. They understand everything literally. They are direct and spontaneous, “they don’t beat around the bush” and they don’t pretend anything.

Maciej Stuhr, who is the moderator at “Autentyczne”, emphasizes that this is the uniqueness of the interviews they conduct. – It is in the nature of our beginner journalists that they want to ask about everything that everyone would like to ask, but they do not have the inhibition that other journalists have. This puts guests in trouble. They want to respect their interlocutors, but they cannot use the tricks they usually use, because there is no cheating with people on the autism spectrum. Whenever a person wants to cover something with a mask, it immediately comes out and you have to find your way around it somehow – said Stuhr in “Good morning TVN”.

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Makłowicz and Kukulska about “Autentyczne”

The guest of the first episode of “Autentyczne” will be Robert Makłowicz, a critic and culinary traveler. The program participants asked him, among others: about whether he is naive, whether he has an exaggerated ego, whether he leads a “revelry lifestyle” and why he doesn’t say goodnight to anyone. People were asked about “the secret he would take with him to the grave.” There were personal questions (about the color of the underwear worn) and existential questions (what humanity is). Funny moments alternated with serious ones as the food critic answered how he felt about mourning the dead and whether he regretted anything in life. – It was incredibly honest, profound and nothing bullshit – said Makłowicz after the recording.

In the second episode, participants’ questions will be answered by Natalia Kukulska, singer, composer and music producer. The artist admits that there were a lot of emotions and emotions during the recording. – There were a lot of very personal questions, but there were also witty ones, and very specific, direct, very diverse ones – he says. She heard, among others: questions: “What strange things do you do when no one is watching?”, “How do you deal with stress?”, “Are you a nervous and demanding mother?”, “What is most important to you?” and “What superpower would you choose for yourself?”

“Autentyczni” is the Polish version of the hit of France 2 television (“Les Rencontres du Papotin”). It was invented by Olivier Nakachi and Eric Toledano, the duo who directed the film “The Intouchables”. It features people with ASD (autism spectrum disorder) who create the newspaper “The Papotin”. The talks are moderated by psychotherapist Julien Bancilhon. The guests of “Les Rencontres du Papotin” are actors, singers, athletes and politicians – episode with the president France Emmanuel Macron was watched by 4.6 million viewers.

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