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Authorities are urging people to be careful and careful around the water. “A drowning person is not Baywatch”

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At the beginning of the holiday season, lifeguards launch an appeal for common sense and prudence, and a reminder that alcohol and bathing are a fatal combination. These rules seem to be commonly known. However, the statistics say something else. How to help a drowning person? Call for help first, then, if possible, give her something to keep her afloat. Do not shake her hand unless you are trained.

At the beginning of summer, lifeguards again appeal louder to those resting by the water for common sense and compliance with safety rules. – We need to choose a suitable place to bathe. Choose places where bathing areas and water areas are prepared. It would be best if there were lifeguards, i.e. guarded bathing areas – says Maciej Stopa from WOPR in Szczecin.

The season hasn’t started yet, so there are no lifeguards at some bathing areas. However, they remind you to enter the water gradually. – If we lie in the sun for a long time and take sunbaths, rinse off before entering the evidence. Especially the key places, i.e. around the neck, groin (…). If we heat up too much in the sun and suddenly enter the water, which has a drastically lower temperature, we can experience a temperature shock and even lose consciousness – warns Artur Lechowicz from WOPR in Krakow. Sober and without bravado – these are another of the mandatory rules accompanying rest by the water. – Alcohol and bravado are the things that most often cause people to overestimate their skills and leave the restricted areas – adds Artur Lechowicz.

Lifeguards remind you to be vigilant and watch what is happening on the water. – Let’s remember that a drowning person is not like Baywatch. He doesn’t shout, he doesn’t wave his arms, he doesn’t make a lot of noise (…) These people usually drown quietly. There are people who literally try to gasp for air, often only their head or part of their arm emerges – explains Artur Lechowicz. When someone is drowning, the first thing to do is call for help. – The first number 112 nationwide, European. The second 601 100 100 emergency number over the water, and 984 is also in operation in Szczecin and in many large towns in Poland – enumerates Maciej Stopa.

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Only after notifying the services can you try to help a drowning person, always remembering about your own safety. – Don’t get caught by this person. Give her something from a distance: a towel, a mattress, even a piece of wood. Just for this person to grab something, not grab our hand and try to tow it to the shore in this way. If we are not trained, we are not allowed to give this person a hand or any part of his body – emphasizes Artur Lechowicz.

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Alarming statistics

There are over 400 drownings in Poland every year. In 2023, 9 people have already died. This is, among others, a man who jumped from a cliff in Krakow’s Zalew Zakrzówek. Two people drowned during a canoeing trip on the Nida River in Sobowice in the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship. – There is a passage there that is quite dangerous. Most likely, these boats have to be moved on this culvert, because it is impossible to cross them, and I think that this is one of the sensitive places where they could make a mistake and fall into the water – explains Brig. Mariusz Stolarczyk from the State Fire Service in Jędrzejów.

On Monday, a 12-year-old girl drowned in Zalew Zadębie in Skierniewice. She went there with her sister, two years older, who was pulled out of the water by two teenage boys. They couldn’t get the other girl back to shore. – The search was carried out by firefighters and she was pulled out of the water only after several minutes. Resuscitation lasted about an hour, unfortunately, the doctor pronounced him dead – he reports to the superintendent. Magdalena Studniarek from the KMP in Skierniewice.

On Thursday, June 8, a 14-year-old girl drowned in Lake Kamienne in the Koszalin district. Mr. Błażej, a volunteer firefighter, pulled her out from under the water. He learned from his friends from the OSP that someone needs help near where he lives. He went to the place. Even then, the fishermen were looking for the girl. – I swam to her, dived in the indicated place, lifted the victim up. One of the anglers started to tow me towards the shore. At this point, the unit arrived at the site. They pulled the victim out, helped me out, started resuscitation. We managed to restore life functions – says Błażej Kostra, firefighter of the Żydowo Volunteer Fire Department and water rescue instructor. The girl was transported to the hospital in Koszalin.

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