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Automotive. Car prices in showrooms. How much will they increase?

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Forecasts do not sound optimistic. 2023 is to be another year of increases in car price lists. However, the increase in prices is to be lower than before, and the cars are to be available immediately. Material from the “Raport” program on TVN Turbo.

– We expect that the prices of cars will increase by a maximum of 10 percent. throughout the year. However, we hope that these will not be such crazy increases as last year, when we were clutching our heads, seeing how prices or installments for a car can increase from month to month – said Katarzyna Siwek from the Carsmile vehicle sales platform.

More expensive car, lower sales

According to the Carmsile report, based on the data of the Samar Automotive Research Institute, last year the prices of cars increased by up to 15 percent. The projected increase in prices, although significant, is also noticeably lower than last year. One thing is certain: the more expensive the car, the lower the sales.

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– Our forecasts are changeable, of course, depending on the situation. What is happening beyond our eastern border, of course, does not have a positive impact on the economy. When the economy is weak and the main recipients of cars in Poland are institutional customers, it is known that these purchases will rather decrease. The declines we predict today oscillate around 5-10 percent. Much will depend on the further development of the situation, including the pricing policy of producers. An increase in prices always means less interest in buying a car – said Wojciech Drzewiecki from the Samar Automotive Market Research Institute.

Available “on the spot”

Less interest in new cars, but also increasing availability, resulted in cars available “off the shelf”.

– Half a year ago, dealerships were empty. There was absolutely nothing there. You waited half a year for the cars, you waited a year. Today, the situation is improving. Dealers remembered such a word “discount”. An announcement of this were certain discounts and promotions that appeared during the so-called Black Week. They allow us to look with optimism that this year, at least in the limited version, the vintage sale will return. Last year, apart from advertisements, it did not exist – said Katarzyna Siwek

Main photo source: TVN Turbo

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