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Automotive. Millions of debts of drivers without third party liability insurance

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There are already nearly 30,000 debtors who are the perpetrators of accidents and owners of vehicles without third party liability insurance. They owe the Fund a total of over PLN 340 million. The record debt is PLN 2.3 million.

As indicated by the Insurance Guarantee Fund, third party liability insurance for motor vehicle owners is compulsory insurance, and in the event of an accident without valid insurance, the Fund is obliged to seek reimbursement of the money paid from the perpetrator under the so-called recourse. In 2022, the UFG paid out compensation and benefits in the amount of over PLN 100 million to people injured in collisions and accidents caused by uninsured perpetrators, and over PLN 1.5 billion since the beginning of its operations.

Millions of drivers’ debts

“Recourse may be imposed on both the perpetrator (driver) and the owner of a vehicle that did not have insurance. There are already nearly 30,000 such debtors in Poland and they owe the Fund a total of over PLN 340 million” – it was reported.

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The fund reported that the average value of the IGF claim against the uninsured perpetrator of the collision or accident is nearly PLN 20,000. zloty. Several thousand people have amounts to be reimbursed in the range of 10 to 50 thousand. PLN, more than a thousand people, an amount exceeding PLN 50,000. PLN, and about 600 people owe UFG over PLN 100,000. zloty. “As many as 16 people have over PLN 1 million to return” – added.

As reported, the record debt is PLN 2.3 million, but “in this and similar cases, further payments to the victims can be expected – for example, the annuity will be paid for life and its cost will also be charged to the perpetrator and the owner of the uninsured vehicle.” It was estimated that the total amount of payments in a single case may even reach PLN 6 or 8 million. For comparison, it was indicated that the OC policy for 12 months is an average expense of PLN 500-600 for the vehicle owner.

Free check

The fund informed that checking whether a vehicle has a valid OC policy is free of charge and can be done on the ufg.pl website.

“In the ‘Check vehicle’s liability insurance’ field, just enter the registration number (or VIN) and select the date to check whether the vehicle is covered on a given day. After checking, we will receive information which insurer issued the policy and its number” – said UFG.

The Insurance Guarantee Fund was established under the Act of 20 July 1990 on insurance activity. It ensures the tightness of the national compulsory third-party liability insurance system and conducts a number of activities to reduce the number of uninsured vehicle owners. Part of the IGF’s mission is to pay compensation and benefits to victims of road accidents and collisions caused by uninsured vehicle owners and uninsured farmers, as well as in accidents and collisions in which the perpetrator of the damage has not been determined.

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