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Automotive. Most collisions on Mondays and Thursdays. UFG data

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The largest number of road accidents resulting in the notification of the damage to the insurer occurred on Mondays and Thursdays – according to the data of the Insurance Guarantee Fund. According to statistics, Saturdays and Sundays are the safest. In the first three months of 2022, vehicle owners reported nearly 425,000. damage.

The largest number of events resulting in the notification of a claim to the insurer took place on Mondays and Thursdays. On these days of the week, a total of 35 percent took place. all damages both from civil liability and motor insurance. The fewest collisions were on Saturdays and Sundays, when the traffic volume is usually much lower than on working days (a total of 16.6% of the claims incurred from third party liability insurance and 19.4% of the claims from motor insurance) – it was announced.

Compensation payments from third party liability and motor insurance

According to the Insurance Guarantee Fund, the value of claims paid under motor insurance policies in the first quarter exceeded PLN 3.5 billion (PLN 0.2 billion more y / y). Almost half (PLN 1.7 billion) was paid out of third party liability insurance policies for damage to property, and PLN 335 million – for damage to persons. On the other hand, payments from AC policies reached PLN 1.5 billion.

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Damian Ziąber from the Insurance Guarantee Fund pointed out that in the event of a collision or accident, the uninsured perpetrator will have to bear the costs of compensation out of his own pocket.

– The average value of such a claim against uninsured drivers is currently 17.7 thousand. PLN – he submitted, stating that these amounts are often higher even in the case of minor bumps. – The uninsured driver who, during a lane change, caused a collision with a Bentley vehicle, causing apparently little damage, the so-called rasp. The value of the compensation paid by the Insurance Guarantee Fund reached over PLN 120 thousand. PLN, which the perpetrator now has to return – said Ziąber.

Motor liability insurance is obligatory in Poland for all owners of motor vehicles. Penalties for the lack of compulsory third party liability insurance have increased since the beginning of 2022. Their amount depends on minimum wagewhich from January 1 is PLN 3010 gross.

Access to data on third party liability insurance

– Citizens are also more and more willing to use the tools provided by UFG. It is enough to go to the ufg.pl portal, enter the registration number without the need to provide personal data, to find out whether a given vehicle has a valid third party liability policy and which insurance company issued it – noted Ziąber. He added that the service is free.

According to the expert, in 2021 the third party liability insurance of vehicles was checked through the portal a record 14.3 million times. – There are many situations in which it is worth using this service – when we want to check the validity of the policy of the perpetrator of the accident, the car we want to buy or rent, or our own vehicle, if we are not sure about the date – he explained.

The Insurance Guarantee Fund maintains a nationwide insurance database used by, inter alia, insurance companies for the purposes of contract pricing and claims settlement. The fund also deals with the payment of compensation and benefits to victims of road accidents and collisions caused by uninsured vehicle owners and uninsured farmers. UFG also pays compensation to persons injured in road accidents in which the perpetrator of the damage has not been identified.

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