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Automotive. Penalty points, motorway tolls, third party liability insurance. Important changes for drivers from July 1

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From July 1, important changes for drivers come into force. Paid training to reduce six penalty points is to return, and information on points is to disappear from the central records after a year, not after two years. Tolls for using state highway sections will also disappear.

The new regulations restore the legal situation regarding penalty points from before 2022. The regulation introduces a provision according to which information on the number of points received, collected in the central register are to be removed after one year, not two years.

Regulation also restores paid training to reduce six penalty points. From this solution – maximum once every six months – will be available to drivers who have held a driving license for at least one year. The act that abolishes tolls for passenger cars on state highways and introduces a ban on overtaking trucks on highways also enters into force on July 1.

No more highway tolls

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Recipes abolish tolls for using state highways, which are paid by drivers of vehicles with a maximum permissible weight not exceeding 3.5 tonnes (i.e. passenger cars and motorcycles). However, you will still be charged by the boss CASH from motor vehicles with a maximum permissible weight of over 3.5 tons and buses traveling along these motorway sections.

It will also be introduced ban on overtaking trucks on highways. Such a maneuver will be possible provided that the overtaken vehicle is “moving at a speed much lower than the speed limit”. According to the Ministry of Infrastructure, which was responsible for drafting the bill, it will be 10 km/h difference between the overtaking truck and the overtaking truck.

Higher fines for no liability insurance

Penalties will also increase from July 1 lack of current liability insurance. Their amount is related, among others, to the minimum remuneration for wages, which will be increased from the beginning of July. This means that from July 1, owners of passenger cars will pay: in the absence of a policy from one to three days – PLN 1,440, from four to 14 days – PLN 3,600, and over 14 days – PLN 7,200

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