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Automotive. Used cars. Older and older cars are entering Poland

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The Polish used car market is aging – we read in “Rzeczpospolita” on Friday. Poles import more and more age-old cars from abroad. As the journal writes, when buying a second-hand vehicle, you have to be careful about price bargains, take a professional advisor with you and demand that the vehicle be checked at a selected service center.

“The Polish market of used cars is aging. As reported by the Samar Institute, the average age of a used car imported from abroad was 12.65 years after the last six months, and in June 2022 it reached a record 12.72 years. The average is inflated by passenger cars (12). , 80), especially those equipped with gasoline engines (13.66) “, writes” Rzeczpospolita “.

The newspaper reports that electric cars are the youngest. In the case of passenger cars, their age is 5.77 years, and vans – 7.22 years.

Automotive. The percentage of the oldest cars is growing

“The data of the Polish Automotive Industry Association, based on the Central Vehicle Register, shows that in private imports, the percentage of the oldest cars over 10 years old is systematically growing. In the middle of this year, it reached 62.8 percent. At the same time, the pool of younger cars: those between 4 and 10 years old, decreased from 32 percent in January-June 2021 to 29.1 percent today “- we read.

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In turn, the share of the youngest vehicles, up to 4 years old – according to Rzeczpospolita – decreased from 8.9 to 8 percent. “Private import is the most important source of supply for the Polish secondary market. According to the Clicktrans website, which connects people and companies looking for car transport, in 2021 Poles imported the most cars from German. The interest in importing cars from the German market has been growing since 2017 – last year its share in total private imports reached 60 percent “- it was written.

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