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Average age of a Polish car. It is inflated by non-existent cars

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Statistics on the number of cars registered in Poland are inflated by cars listed in the databases of the Central Register of Vehicles and Drivers (CEPiK), but in practice non-existent. The Park 2023 database includes 27.347 million cars, but as many as 7.245 million of them are so-called “dead souls”, i.e. practically non-existent vehicles – informed the SAMAR Automotive Market Research Institute.

The latest available data shows that on December 31, 2023, there were registered in the CEPiK databases 27.347 million passenger cars, 672 thousand more than a year earlier – informed the SAMAR Automotive Market Research Institute (IBRM Samar). However, 7.245 million of this amount is the so-called dead souls, i.e. the so-called archive vehicles – practically non-existent.

As explained by IBRM Samar, according to the definition used by CEPiK, unregistered, uncancelled cars are consideredfor which more than 10 years have passed since the date of first registration in Poland, but for a period of 6 or more years no update has been received from the registration authorities, the Insurance Guarantee Fund or vehicle inspection stations.

How many “dead souls” are there among Polish cars?

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Over the last 12 months, there have been approximately 239,000 such “dead souls”. After deducting archived vehicles from the CEPiK databases, the number of registered passenger cars at the end of 2023 decreases from 27.347 million to 20.102 million.

“The average age of 'dead souls' is nearly 37 yearsso their elimination significantly reduces the average age of cars in the park: from 21.54 to 16.12 years,” IBRM Samar reported. However, the average age of the Polish passenger car fleet after excluding “dead souls” is still growing. Over the last 12 months, it has increased by 0.24 years – stated in the information. According to IBRM Samar, counting dead souls is important in providing statistical data based on CEPiK databases.

“It is clear how false the myth is that Poland is 'chasing Luxembourg' or 'is second in Switzerland' in terms of the number of cars per 1,000 inhabitants. Even if theoretically we have 725 of them, in reality, after eliminating the 'dead souls' there are only 533 left” – emphasized in the announcement.

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