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Azerbaijan. Another country wants to join BRICS. The head of parliament confirms

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Sahiba Gafarova spoke at the plenary Parliamentary Forum in St. Petersburg. The speaker of the Azerbaijani parliament emphasized that the country is interested in close cooperation with all members of the association and the most effective way to implement such a plan isest joining BRICSThe BRICS group, currently presided over by Russia, is sometimes seen as an attempt to expand the influence of Russia and China, to create an alternative bloc to the pro-Western G7, and to build a new world order.

Azerbaijan in its foreign policy promotes dialogue, cooperation and solidarity. This applies to bilateral relations and activities within international platforms. In particular, this applies to cooperation with BRICS. Azerbaijan wants to become a full member of BRICS – she stated.

In the further part of the speech the politician drew attention to the need to build “peaceful coalitions fighting against confrontation” policy to ensure that BRICS “does not become a platform of double standards.”

BRICS Expansion: Federation Council Chairwoman on New Countries in Alliance

The Chairwoman of the BRICS Group spoke on the subject of expanding the BRICS group to include additional countries on Rossiya 24 TV. Russian Federation Council Valentina MatvienkoThe politician announced that currently as many as 24 countries have expressed their willingness to participate in the international alliance.

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At the same time, she appealed to the current members to develop a series of criteria that candidate countries will have to meet. An important aspect is to be, among others, a common geopolitical view.

– If I am not mistaken, 24 countries are currently in line to become members of BRICS (…) This is not a business club, it is an association of people with similar viewshaving the same view on the development of international relations, the role UNopposing interference in the sovereign affairs of any state, she stressed.

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