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Babia Góra. Camera trap recorded a wildcat, this is a very rare case. Naturalists showed a video of a wild cat

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A camera trap on Babia Góra recorded a wildcat – for the first time in the history of the Babia Góra National Park. This is a rarity, because wildcats lead a secretive lifestyle and for this reason, as naturalists admit, their identification, number and occurrence are very difficult to determine. “Cats like to walk their own paths, and the wildcat has mastered it to perfection” – we read on the BPN profile.

In early June, a camera trap on Babia Góra recorded a wildcat, naturalists from the Babia Góra National Park (BgPN) reported on social media. The video appeared on Monday on the park’s social media profile.

“Finally, we also managed to capture a wild purr” – the BgPN employees wrote.

Wildcat sightings ‘occasional, sometimes unreliable’

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Such recordings are rare. In the history of the Babia Góra National Park, a camera trap has never captured this wild cat.

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“Due to the very secretive life of the wildcat, its recognition, number and occurrence are very difficult to determine. Previous data on the occurrence of this species from the felid family came from hunting. Observations were sporadic, sometimes unreliable, and thanks to the use of camera traps, it is possible to confirm its presence” – wrote the naturalists on Facebook. They add that “this is the first park documentation of this type, which indicates that it is a wildcat. The individual in the recording has all its morphological features.”

Naturalists from BgPN pointed out that the wildcat is one of the least known cats in Poland. “We don’t know much about him. Cats like to follow their own paths, and the wildcat has mastered it to perfection. His burly coat, reminiscent of a domestic cat, causes quite a stir” – we read in the release.

Wildcat. What does it look like, where does it occur?

The wildcat, or forest cat, is slightly larger than its domesticated relative. It has a thick and silky coat. It has delicate stripes on the sides of the body, limbs and tail, as well as a slightly darker stripe running along the back. I have a thick tail. Animals lead a solitary, usually nocturnal lifestyle, inhabiting the thickets of forests.

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Wildcat (illustration photo)Shutterstock

In 1952, the wildcat was entered on the list of species under total protection and is under strict protection.

According to the estimates of the State Forests, there are about 200 wildcats in Poland. They occur mainly in the Tatra Mountains, the Beskid Niski and Sądecki mountains, and in the Bieszczady Mountains.

The Babiogórski National Park was established in 1954 and covers the entire area of ​​the highest mountain in the Beskids – Babia Góra (1725 m above sea level). In 1977, this area was recognized by UNESCO as a world biosphere reserve. The mountain attracts crowds of tourists. (PAP)

Main photo source: Babiogórski National Park

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