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Babice. Unexploded ordnance in the church fence and walls

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Two artillery shells in the church fence, as well as a bullet and a grenade in the temple walls were found in Babice (Lesser Poland Voivodeship). According to the police, some of the unexploded ordnance has already been secured by sappers, but the rest are still stuck in the walls.

On Tuesday (September 12), around 9 a.m., the police received a report that four unexploded bombs were discovered while working on the church premises in Babice. According to the reporting party, the explosives most likely came from World War II.

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Unexploded ordnance in the church fence and wallsMałopolska police

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Unexploded ordnance in the church fence and wallsMałopolska police

Some of the unexploded ordnance remained in the walls

According to the police, there were two artillery shells stuck in the fence surrounding the church, and a bullet and a grenade stuck in the church walls.

The place was secured by police until the sappers arrived. On Wednesday, a day after the report, specialists from the 16th Airborne Battalion from Krakow arrived in Babice.

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Unexploded ordnance in the church fence and wallsMałopolska police

“A special group from Krakow removed two shells from the walls and took the unexploded bombs to a warehouse intended for this type of finds. In the near future, the army will also remove the shell and grenade from the church walls,” the Małopolska police said in a statement.

The uniformed officers warn: “If you find an unexploded device, immediately notify the police. Remember, any tampering with the projectile may cause it to detonate, and thus result in bodily injury or even death to the person in its vicinity! After receiving the report, the police notify a specialist bomb disposal patrol, and they secure the find until he arrives.”

Main photo source: Małopolska police

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