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Babiogórski National Park will close the ski slopes earlier

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Soon the capercaillies will start mating, which is called tooting. For this reason, the Babiogórski National Park will close the ski slopes in its area at the end of February.

According to the representative of the Babiogórski National Park, Maciej Mażul, the start of the lek depends on weather conditions. It usually falls in March. However, this year it may start early due to weather conditions.

– Conditions are now becoming more and more favorable. We must take this into account and take care of the capercaillies. On Babia Góra, nature has priority over tourists, said Mażul. That is why the ski slopes in this park will be closed at the end of February.

Grouse of capercaillies

During lekking, you can hear the characteristic sounds of males. They play by spreading their tail, stretching their heads, ruffling their wings and making not very loud noises. – You can hear clapping, trilling, corking and grinding. In the last phase of the mating song, the male becomes deaf, hence the name of this grouse. It is not known why this is happening, said Mażul. According to naturalists’ estimates, there are about 30 individuals living in the Babia Góra area. Spotting capercaillies is difficult. The birds avoid frequented trails, taking refuge in inaccessible places on the border of the upper mountain range, between the spruce forest and the mountain pine forest. capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus) is a large bird from the Galidae family. Males, much more colorful than females, reach a meter in length. Females reach up to 65 centimeters. The birds inhabit the forests of northern Europe and Asia, from Scotland to central Siberia. In Poland, this species is threatened with extinction. Four ski slopes were available in the Park from January 22. This is mainly for ski touring skiers, because there are no ski lifts or snow groomers on Babia Góra.

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The capercaillies are preparing for mating seasonShutterstock

Babiogórski National Park

The Babiogórski National Park was established in 1954 and covers the entire area of ​​the highest mountain in the Beskids – Babia Góra (1,725 ​​meters above sea level. In 1977, this area was recognized by UNESCO as a world biosphere reserve. The mountain attracts crowds of tourists.

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