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Baby strollers. UOKiK: three out of 10 examined had irregularities

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Design errors, incorrect labeling, or an ineffective fastening system – these are just some of the defects of the strollers discovered during the inspection. Out of 10 inspected strollers, three had mechanical irregularities, two of which additionally had incorrect markings – according to a report published by the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection.

The publication of the antitrust office concerns the inspection of baby strollers carried out by the Trade Inspection; 10 strollers were assessed, including four from Poland and six from outside the EU.

Tests of officials

The laboratory test checked whether the strollers are stable on an inclined surface, whether the belts do not unfasten themselves, whether the edges are not sharp and do not pose a risk of injury, and whether there are no places where children’s fingers, hands and legs could get stuck. It was also checked whether the angle of the stroller’s backrest is favorable for the child’s spine, whether the gondola walls are of the appropriate height, whether the wheels are durable, e.g. they will not break off when hitting the curb, and whether the folding and unfolding mechanisms work properly.

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It was reported that the examination revealed irregularities in three inspected strollers. This was due to an ineffective seat fastening system, a small element separating (risk of blocking the child’s respiratory tract) and permanent damage to the stroller’s structure.

The markings of the trolleys were also checked to see if they had: information about the manufacturer and distributor, product identification data, correct product markings, as well as warnings and instructions in Polish.

In this case, two trolleys had irregularities. There was no model identification, no warning on the stroller that it was unsuitable for children under 6 months, and there was conflicting information about the child’s age on the product and in the instructions for use. Moreover, there was no pictogram on the product with information about the maximum weight of the child.

The office recommends that when purchasing a stroller, pay attention to:

– is it stable and does not deflect in a controlled manner; – whether there are any sharp edges; – whether it has straps with crotch attachment and adjustment; – whether it has a two-stage folding lock.

There are proceedings against stroller manufacturers

UOKiK he noted that in the case of two trolleys with irregularities, administrative proceedings were initiated, and in the case of the third one, the inspection files were submitted to the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection and are currently being analyzed.

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