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Bakhmut. Mercenaries from the Wagner Group have a base in the basement of a sparkling wine factory

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The UNIAN agency informs that the mercenaries of the Russian Wagner Group have set up a Sparkling Wines Factory in Bakhmut in the basement of the Artemivska Winery. The Wagnerians also practice target shooting there, using empty bottles, the Ukrainian agency reported.

Mercenaries from the Russian Wagner Group, fighting in Bakhmut in the east Ukraineestablished their base in this city in the vast undergrounds of the Artemivska Factory of Sparkling Wines, the Ukrainian UNIAN agency reported on Thursday, which analyzed a report by the pro-Kremlin daily Izvestia.

The underground corridors of the Bachmuth factories are so extensive that you can move around them by car. Enemy units “made a nest there” at the beginning of this year, deploying their staff and a field hospital in the factory. The Wagnerians also practice target shooting there, using empty bottles for this purpose, informed UNIAN.

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Thousands of liters of sparkling wines were stored in the huge tanks of the factory in Bachmuth until recently. There are still large stocks of alcoholic beverages there. However, the Wagnerians themselves emphasize in the Russian propaganda media that they allegedly do not use these resources.

The Russians are trying to take Bakhmut

Russian forces have been trying to take Bakhmut in Donetsk Oblast since August 2022. The heaviest and bloodiest fighting in the war is currently taking place there Russia with Ukraine. Despite forecasts that the command in Kiev may decide to withdraw from the city, Ukrainian troops continue the defense of Bakhmut.

On Wednesday evening, the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces reported that enemy units, largely composed of mercenaries from the Wagner Group, had achieved “partial success” in Bakhmut, but the city was still successfully defended. Previously, the US Institute for the Study of War estimated that the invaders now control about 65 percent of the country. surface of Bakhmut.

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