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Bąkiewicz from Radom, Emilewicz without first place in Poznań, Dworczyk in third place in Wałbrzych. PiS lists full of unsubs

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This is the last call to reshuffle the electoral lists and fight for places. They must be registered by Wednesday afternoon. There are many controversies and surprises on the PiS lists – there are no ministers, deputy ministers and important politicians, or they are lower than expected.

For Robert Bąkiewicz, there is a place on the list in Radom, but not for the current Minister of Climate and Environment, although Anna Moskwa has been visiting the district frequently in recent months and was mentioned in unofficial conversations as a new locomotive of the electoral list.

– I don’t think I have seen the minister on any of the lists, but it will be known soon when all the lists are registered – says Radosław Fogiel, an MP from Law and Justice.

Adam Niedzielski, the dismissed Minister of Health who fought for the first place in Piła in the pre-campaign, is not on the lists. MP Tomasz Latos, head of the parliamentary health committee, was dropped from the list in Bydgoszcz, but this was the result of internal fights in the local PiS.

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There were also no places on the lists for deputy ministers Adam Gawęda and Piotr Wawrzyk. In the background of his dismissal, as described by “Gazeta Wyborcza”, there is an inspection by the Central Anticorruption Bureau. – I know about the ongoing explanatory proceedings, hence the resignation – explains Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

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The number one place on the list in Wałbrzych was lost to the minister in the prime minister’s office, Michał Dworczyk – the hero of the e-mail scandal. Jadwiga Emilewicz, former deputy prime minister and minister of development, is no longer the leader of the list in Poznań, and Marcin Horała, responsible for the construction of the Central Communication Port, dropped from first place in Gdynia.

– It happened – as in many other cases – after analyzing what arrangement of the list would result in us receiving the largest number of votes – explains Dworczyk.

Unofficially, however, we hear that these changes on the lists show the weakening position of the prime minister and are an assessment that the party authorities give mainly to Morawiecki’s people and some ministers. – Jarosław Kaczyński is preparing the ground for a coalition between PiS and Confederation – says Robert Biedroń, MEP of the New Left.

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Bąkiewicz’s candidacy

Robert Bąkiewicz will run from the list of the party about which he wrote a few years ago: “PiS is creeping in front of the Jews. Robert Winnicki is fighting alone for the honor of our nation.” In turn, he said this about the European Union: “Germany, Berlin, the European Union are no less a threat today than imperial Russia, which is attacking Ukraine today,” and this is a statement about the Women’s Strike: “the sword of justice hangs over them, if necessary, we will crush them.” into dust.” Then the National Guard appointed by Bąkiewicz was to defend churches against protesters.

– This character does not outrage me, unlike Roman Giertych, who is on the Platform’s lists – comments Jacek Sasin, Minister of State Assets. – Each party has the right to field whoever it wants, and voters verify each candidate – adds Elżbieta Witek, Speaker of the Sejm.

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However, each party also takes responsibility for its candidates, for their views and for whom it allows to enter the Sejm. However, the decision to nominate Bąkiewicz is not approved by the president’s advisor, Andrzej Zybertowicz, who stated on TVN24 that he “would never include him on the electoral lists.” – I wouldn’t vote for him if I was in Radom – said PiS politician Łukasz Schreiber about Bąkiewicz.

– By including him on the list, PiS takes responsibility for all his words and deeds, for insulting and booing the Uprising, for reluctance, for xenophobia, for aggression – emphasizes Barbara Nowacka, an MP from the Civic Coalition.

The deadline for registering electoral rolls is Wednesday.

Main photo source: PAP/Adam Kumorowicz

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