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Balance of financial transfers between Poland and the European Union. Comments after Patryk Jaki’s calculations

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According to the calculations presented by MEP Patryk Jaki, Poland lost over PLN 500 billion on membership in the European Union. Economists who indicate that the balance of presence in the Community is of a different opinion are of a different opinion.

On Monday, in the Sejm, a press conference was held by Patryk Jaki, which concerned the balance of financial transfers between Poland and the European Union since 2004. A report prepared by a team of experts chaired by prof. Zbigniew Krysiak and prof. Tomasz Grosse.

– We hear very often in public space, especially from Western politicians, that Poland treats the European Union as an ATM. We will show that this is not true – began the MEP from Solidarna Polska.

Patryk Jaki presents the calculations

According to the calculations presented at the conference, Poland lost 535 billion zlotys during the period of membership in the European Union (in the years 2004-2020). As noted, Poland received PLN 593 billion net from the EU funds. On the other hand, the financial balance of European Union companies transferring profits from Poland against the profits of Polish companies from the EU was supposed to work to the disadvantage of our country – it was to amount to minus PLN 981 billion.

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According to the authors of the report, the balance of flows from the aforementioned factors translated into a loss of PLN 388 billion. Poland’s exports to the EU, taking into account imports, are a loss of PLN 147 billion.

Poland’s financial balance in the EUYouTube, Patryk Jaki


How much has Poland gained from being in the EU?

Economists referred to these calculations.

“I am sorry to say it, Mr. Deputy, but the author or the authors of this table are squeezing you. It is basically incorrectly made. Perhaps they themselves do not understand the operations on the numbers they perform, or maybe they want to manipulate you and us, but it does not save them. Scientifically, it is a disgrace “- assessed the president of WiseEuropa, Dr. Maciej Bukowski.

Comment by Maciej BukowskiTwitter

“Experts invent new measures of the balance of payments. Why invent, obscure, combine. The NBP counts. From a ‘deficit’ country we have turned into a ‘surplus’ country in terms of our financial balance versus the rest of the world. Plus 11 pp of GDP !!!” – this is a comment by Sławomir Dudek, chief economist of the Civic Development Forum.

Economist Rafał Mundry pointed to the data of the Ministry of Finance, according to which Poland received over EUR 206 billion from EU funds from May to July 2021, and paid a contribution of almost EUR 66.5 billion. This gives “clean” over EUR 140 billion.

Experts from the Polish Economic Institute also drew attention to the benefits of EU membership.

“Two years ago at PIE we decided to take stock of Poland’s 15-year presence in the EU. Our report shows that without it we would have, among others, 12 percent lower GDP and 32 percent lower exports” – wrote the director of the Polish Economic Institute (PIE ) Piotr Arak.

“In the pre-accession period and being a member of the EU, Poland received about EUR 163 billion, contributing slightly over EUR 53 billion to the EU budget. EU funds contributed to the development of Poland in many areas, which – as research shows – is often noticed also by ordinary Poles” – was written in the report, published in 2019.

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