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Balcerowicz’s fault for demographic decline? The judgment of the Tribunal did not change the situation of Polish women in any way.

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In April, Polish women gave birth to a record few children. Why? Journalists asked Minister Maląg and the minister is looking for reasons in the times of Balcerowicz, not in the judgment of the Constitutional Tribunal restricting access to abortion. Other women – those who are not associated with PiS – find other reasons.

In April, Polish women gave birth to a record few children. Only 21 thousand. This means that statistically, on average, there were less than two deliveries per day in one Polish delivery room. There are plenty of reasons. – The feeling of danger when it comes to your own decision about the child, but also about what will happen if there are any problems, affects the postponement of the decision – assures Professor Irena Kotowska, honorary chair of the Demographic Sciences Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw School of Economics. However, not according to the government. – The judgment of the Court has not changed the situation of Polish women in any way – believes Marlena Maląg, Minister of Family and Social Policy from PiS.

After the tragic deaths in delivery wards, childbirth is even more stressful for Polish women. The birthing center in Kartuzy is a notable exception – it was chosen by the patients as one of the best in Poland. – We listen to mothers, we listen to what they want, what they expect – explains Magdalena Szawko-Lis, a midwife at the Poviat Health Center in Kartuzy. However, this approach is still more the exception than the rule. – Public health care for pregnant women is poor, we have been used to seeing a gynecologist privately for years – says Professor Elżbieta Gołata, chairwoman of the Demographic Sciences Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

“Hear mom, dad.” Reportage by Marta Abramczyk about infertilityWhen in the family during the celebration of Easter, the questions “when pregnancy?” are asked again, sometimes young hearts break. Not everyone can have children, even if they really want to. When there is not enough strength and money to fight infertility, there is pain and fear that perhaps you will never hear the words: “mom, dad”.Marta Abramczyk | Facts in the afternoon TVN24

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Balcerowicz guilty of low fertility?

However, the government is looking elsewhere for the causes of the demographic collapse. – In order to reverse these trends, it is not one, not two terms of office, these are comprehensive actions and we can never allow this wild privatization started by Balcerowicz, where Polish families had a disturbed sense of security – warns Marlena Maląg.

There is no need to look for the reasons why women today are afraid of giving birth in the 1990s.

Nearly twenty percent of Polish women believe that childbirth was a negative or even traumatic experience for them. Every second Polish woman in the hospital experienced abuse or violence. Women are denied anesthesia, their perineum is incised without their knowledge and consent, and according to the reports of the Foundation “Giving Birth Humane”, the treatment of women giving birth sometimes resembles torture. – It can be physical violence, for example, forcibly spreading a woman’s legs, or even tying a woman to a delivery bed – says Anna Kwiatek-Kucharska from the Foundation “Rodzić po Ludzku”. It’s all happening today. Not for Balcerowicz.

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