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Balloon Dog destroyed. A sculpture of a balloon dog by Jeff Koons fell to the floor in an art gallery and broke

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Jeff Koons’ famous Balloon Dog sculpture in the shape of a balloon dog was broken in an art gallery in Miami, Florida. The work was valued at USD 42,000, which is the equivalent of over PLN 185,000.

The accident happened on Thursday during the opening night of Art Wynwood, an annual contemporary art fair in Florida, the BBC reported. Local artist Stephen Gamson told the Miami Herald that while he was admiring the sculpture, “an elderly woman tapped it with her finger” causing the artwork to fall to the floor and break.

One of the installations depicting a “balloon dog”

“Balloon dog” broken, perpetrator “was very sorry”

As Gamson admitted, he initially thought it was part of some kind of artistic spectacle, but quickly realized that the situation was not staged. “When it hit the ground, it looked like a car crash on the freeway that draws a crowd of onlookers,” he said.

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Fortunately for the culprit, the sculpture was insured. “Life stopped for 15 minutes,” gallery worker Cedric Boero told the New York Times. He added that his friend spoke to the woman who knocked the “balloon dog” to the ground. The woman reportedly said she was “very sorry”.

The Balloon Dog sculpture was part of a limited edition, which was reduced from 799 to 798 pieces after the gallery accident. The series of “balloon dogs” by Jeff Koons is one of the most famous works of modern art. Some of the sculptures are huge and reach up to three meters. The broken one in Miami was 40 centimeters.

“Balloon dog” crashed in an art galleryReuters

Artist Jeff Koons has not commented on the destruction of the artwork

Koons has not yet commented on the incident with the sculpture breaking. The 68-year-old artist made his mark in the history of contemporary art in 2019 when his sculpture of a rabbit was sold for over USD 91 million, which is the highest price for a work by a living artist.

Main photo source: Reuters

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