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Baltimore bridge disaster. They have an idea to free the ship

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The decision was made to carry out several controlled explosions, which are intended to separate the remains of the Key Bridge from Dali's ship.

Initially, the actions were to be taken on Monday, but due to the unfavorable weather forecast – including intense storms – they were postponed.

Baltimore. Attempt to separate the ship from the bridge

The 289-meter-long vessel has remained in the Patapsco River since the disaster on March 26. The Singapore-flagged container ship Dali crashed into a support beam of the Key Bridge as it was leaving the port of Baltimore.

The videos published online show that the entire bridge collapsed within seconds. Six people died in the incident, but the services found the bodies of only two.

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Since then the port remains closed, and due to the position of the ship and the elements of the damaged bridge on it, it was not possible to take action.

Ship in Baltimore. Precise action

Now the authorities want to detonate one of the bridge spans crushing the container ship, which is estimated at 152 meters in length and weighs 600 tons.

The explosions are to be carried out in a very precise and well-thought-out way There are still 21 crew members on the ship. They are mainly Indians, and the command has decided that they will stay there for the duration of the investigation FBI.

So far, approximately 6,000 have been removed. tons of steel and concrete of the collapsed bridge, and according to estimates, the entire structure weighed approx. 50,000. tone.

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