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Baltops 2024. NATO begins the largest-ever maneuvers in the Baltic Sea

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The international naval military exercise BALTOPS 2024 is starting in the Baltic Sea. Dozens of ships and planes as well as 12,000 soldiers from 19 NATO countries will take part in the exercises.

The largest military exercise in NATO's history in the Baltic Sea, Baltops 2024, begins on Wednesday, with the participation of 12,000 people. soldiers from the 19th NATO countries. Taking place under command USA the training will last until June 20.

Among the participants there is Polish army and, for the first time as a full member of the North Atlantic Alliance, Swedenthanks to which the Baltic Sea became NATO's internal sea.

NATO begins Baltops 2024 exercisesTwitter/NATO

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Soldiers to “increase defense capabilities”

According to the Lithuanian Armed Forces, 30 warships with crews of over 4,000 moored in the port of Klaipėda on Tuesday. sailors, infantry soldiers and naval aviation. In total, over 50 ships, 25 combat aircraft and 60 helicopters will take part in the exercises.

According to a statement from the Swedish military command, Baltops 2024 – i.e. “Baltic operation” – will cover the water area off the island of Gotland, the Gulf of Riga, the Gulf of Bothnia and training grounds in Sweden (Gotland and the Stockholm Archipelago), Poland, Germany and on Lithuania.

During the training, the soldiers are expected to “increase defense capabilities as part of integrated maritime operations in an international context.” NATO troops will exercise, among others: demining, convoying, anti-submarine warfare and landing.

Main photo source: Twitter/NATO

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