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Ban on the sale of flavored cigarettes for warmers

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A draft law banning the sale of flavored cigarettes for heaters was submitted for public consultation on Wednesday. As the Ministry of Health explains, “novel tobacco products” currently available on the market require more thorough examination. The changes are aimed at implementing the EU directive.

The project published on the website of the Government Legislation Center assumes that an additional point is added to the Act on health protection against the consequences of using tobacco and tobacco products, which defines “heated tobacco product – an innovative tobacco product in which, as a result of heating, emissions containing nicotine occur.” and other chemicals which is then inhaled by the user or users and which, depending on its characteristics, is a smokeless tobacco product or a smokable tobacco product.

The amendment includes a ban on “placing tobacco products with a characteristic flavor on the market” also in relation to heated tobacco products (flavored cigarettes and rolling tobacco are already prohibited).

Producers and importers of novel tobacco products will also be obliged “to immediately provide the president of the Bureau for Chemical Substances with all new or updated information regarding analyses, tests and other information” regarding these products, and the president of the Bureau may also request additional information from these entities.

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E-cigarettes require thorough examination

The justification stated that “these products are a new type of tobacco products that have not yet been tested to a degree comparable to traditional tobacco products (e.g. cigarettes).” According to Ministry of Health additional research and information will allow the president of the Bureau of Chemical Substances to conduct a more comprehensive assessment of innovative tobacco products, which is beneficial for consumers “because it will increase the level of public health protection thanks to the public administration body obtaining additional information.”

It was pointed out that “tobacco products are not ordinary goods, and given the particularly harmful impact of tobacco on human health, priority should be given to health protection, in particular to reducing smoking among young people.” It was also noted that there is a “need to reduce the risk that novel tobacco products that meet the definition of heated tobacco products and have a characteristic flavor will be placed on the market”, and due to the fact that the project will enter into force only three months from the date of announcement, manufacturers will could withdraw flavored products from sale.

In the assessment of the effects of the regulations, it was reported that the report “Nicotine consumption. Quantitative research report for the Bureau for Chemical Substances, Edition IV” shows that currently 1.5% of people use heated tobacco products in Poland. adult Poles, and the withdrawal of flavored products may contribute to reducing their consumption.

Poles do not quit smoking

“After the ban on the sale of flavored cigarettes came into force, every tenth smoker decided to quit smoking (11.6%). However, 8.8% of people smoking this type of products switched to heated tobacco products or electronic cigarettes (6.1% respectively). percent of men and 11.2 percent of women). Moreover, these were most often young people (23.7 percent in the age group of 18-24 and 13.9 percent in the age group of 25-34),” it was noted.

According to the Ministry of Health, “innovative tobacco products with a characteristic flavor” constitute approximately 80 percent. market for all innovative tobacco products. However, the Ministry estimates that “the changes in question should not have a significant impact on the volume of sales of tobacco products in the Republic of Poland.”

As indicated, despite a significant increase in sales of heated tobacco products (in the European Union: 2009%), in recent years the consumption of tobacco products in Poland has remained at a constant level.

Despite this, a possible reduction in the impact on the state budget is allowed, which would amount to PLN 68.3 million annually, assuming that in the year the provisions of the Act enter into force, the possibility of selling the manufactured products will be ensured.

The project has been submitted for public consultations, which will last 30 days. As explained, the changes aim to implement the EU directive of June 29, 2022.

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