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Bangladesh, India. Smog. Delayed planes and trains in New Delhi

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Air quality has been dropping rapidly in South Asian cities for several days. A thick layer of smog hung over the capital of Bangladesh on Wednesday. The India Meteorological Department has warned of thick fog containing harmful pollutants in New Delhi. Visibility in the Indian capital dropped to several dozen meters.

On Wednesday evening Polish time, the capital of India was in first place among the most polluted cities in the world in the ranking of the Swiss company IQAir, which monitors air quality. The pollution index was 271, which means “very unhealthy” air.

Poor visibility in New Delhi due to smog was made worse by rising fog. The India Meteorological Department said on Wednesday that the city was shrouded in “dense fog containing particulate matter and other pollutants,” warning of the negative health consequences of spending too much time outdoors.

Visibility in some places in the north of the country dropped to just 50 meters. This led to delays in over a hundred flights, and delays were also recorded in rail traffic.

New Delhi in thick fogPAP/EPA/RAJAT GUPTA

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New Delhi in thick fogPAP/EPA/RAJAT GUPTA

Similar conditions prevailed in other parts of northern India, including the states of Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana.

Dhaka under a layer of smog

The situation in Dhaka was not much better. On Wednesday evening Polish time, the capital of Bangladesh was in second place among the most smoggy cities in the world. During the day, the air quality index reached 325, a “hazardous” level.

Air quality in the capital of Bangladesh, one of the most crowded cities in the world with around 20 million people, has deteriorated with the excessive use of fossil fuels and the development of large investments, which is associated with health problems for many people, noted Reuters.

The World Bank has called on Bangladesh to cooperate more closely with neighboring South Asian countries in efforts to achieve cleaner air. It was found that smog causes one fifth of deaths in the country each year, Reuters emphasized.

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Main photo source: PAP/EPA/RAJAT GUPTA

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